Examples of results and reports

Report designer

With the 2ask report designer, there are numerous design and labeling options available to customize your report and diagrams to your taste, both quickly and easily. You can also download the diagrams in various graphic formats.

Using the export function, you can download an entire report in the following formats:

  • Excel
  • PowerPoint
  • Word
  • PDF
  • ZIP archive with all created diagrams of the entire report

You can create multiple individual reports for your survey (e.g. filtered by department, customer group, etc.).

Exporting survey results

You can view and export the results of your survey at any time.
Examples of exports:

The diagrams, statistics and data tables can be edited and customized in Excel, Powerpoint and Word.

In Excel, Powerpoint and Word you can, for example, change the diagram type, edit the axis labels or the exported data table of the diagram. This way you can customize the charts directly in Excel, Powerpoint & Word.

Raw result data is provided in the following formats:

Examples of raw result data:

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Report sharing

Share the reports you create with others in your company. For example, after an employee survey, you can provide the respective department head with a result report about his department online via a link. The result reports can also optionally be protected with a password.

To present the results of your survey, 2ask provides a wide range of charts and tables.

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