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You can switch from the standard editor (#-3) to the rich content editor (#-4) via the More (#-1) - Editor (#-2) menu.
This change can be made for any text (questions, answer options, answers, description texts, etc.) via the More menu (#-1).
The Rich Content Editor offers you numerous functions, which are described below.

Functions Rich Content Editor

The Rich Content Editor offers the following functions:

  • Display texts in bold, italics or underlined (#-1)
  • Create numbering or enumeration lists (#-2)
  • Integrate links into the questionnaire (#-3). With this function you can link e.g. websites, e-mail addresses or even documents (e.g. PDF, Excel, Word, Powerpoint etc.). The documents are uploaded to the 2ask library and then linked.
  • Add pictures (#-4)
  • Add videos (#-5)
  • Change font formatting (#-6)
  • Change size of font (#-7)
  • Change text colour (#-8)
  • Change background colour (#-9)

The Rich Content Editor is also available under "Distribution" for creating emails and under "Reports/Diagrams".

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