Download results

In the "Download results" section you have the possibility to download the results data in different formats.

Thereby you can make different filterings for the respective data: 

#-1 Questionnaires
You can select whether you want to export the completed questionnaires or the unfinished questionnaires.

#-2 participants
You can choose to output all participants (including pretest) or only actual participants (without pretest).

#-3 Answer output
You can select whether the output of the answers should be coded or uncoded.

For the format of output #-4 you can choose between CSV and Excel(XLSX) formats.

For CSV format there are additional options #-5 available:

  • Decimal separator
  • Columns/field - separator
  • Field/Text - Delimiter

Using the "Download results" button #-6 you can trigger the export file generation and decide where you want to save the export file.

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