Functions in the "More" menu

In the "More" menu (see #-1) of the questionnaire editor you will find some useful functions.

Export survey to Word

Using the "Export survey to Word" function, you can export a survey to Word. This function is not available in all tariffs.

Questions Renumber Export Keys

Using the function "Renumber questions export keys" you can renumber the export keys of the questions after completion of the survey. This can be helpful if, for example, you have moved or deleted questions and you want the export keys to be numbered again in ascending order without gaps.

Generate test results

Using the "Generate test results" function, you can have test results generated automatically into your survey. This can be useful to create a report with charts in advance or also to view the raw data in CSV, Excel or SPSS format.
The generated test results are labeled as "pretest" and are separate from the actual survey results.


Using the "Translations" function, you can export and import the texts of your questionnaire in order to have them translated for a multilingual questionnaire.
For more information on the Translations feature, see hier.

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