In the "Reports" section, 2ask's Report Designer gives you numerous design and labeling options to quickly and easily create and customize the report and charts to your liking. You can download the charts in various graphic formats.

Create report

You can create a new report by clicking on "+ new report" and then label it first.

Report designer - Select questions

In the window that now opens, you can have a report generated automatically. However, if you want to create this individually and insert the questions individually into the report, then you can leave this screen via "cancel".

#-1 At this point you can switch between the different surveys in your account, if you also want to integrate the results from other surveys into this report.

#-2 Via "Selection" you can either select all questions, or individual questions separately to add them to the report.

#-3 By default, a chart is output summarized for all answer options, but should you want to display individual answer options, e.g. of a table/matrix question, in their own chart, you can select them via "change".

#-4 After completing the selection, please click on "continue".

Report designer - settings

Then you can configure the report as follows:

#-1 Should either absolute or percentage values be displayed?

#-2 If you want your report to contain charts, you can set the default chart type for all simple questions (e.g., multiplechoice) and all multidimensional questions (e.g., table/matrix) here.

#-3 Do you need the frequency, statistics and/ or coding tables? If yes, select them by clicking on the respective checkbox.

#-4 By means of "+ Add new elements" the report will now be generated.

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