User data

In the "Settings: User data" you have the possibility to view and edit the following data and settings:

#-1 Email

#-2 Password

#-3 Personal data (name, address)

#-4 Time zone

#-5 Language

#-6 Newsletter subscription

#-7 E-mail messages

#-8 Close user account

Change e-mail

  • Enter the new e-mail address in the "E-mail" field (#-1).
  • In the case "Password" (#-2) please enter your current password
  • Confirm the change by clicking on "Change email" (#-3)
  • By clicking on "Cancel" (#-4) you can cancel this process and exit the "Change email" form


Important: The new email address must be a valid email address that you have access to. We will send you an activation link to this address. Only after clicking on the activation link, the new email address will be validated and adopted.


Change password

  • Enter your current password in the "Password" field (#-1)
  • In the field "New password" (#-2) please enter your new password
  • Please enter the new password again in the "Confirm password" field (#-3)
  • Confirm the change of the password by clicking on "Change password". (#-4)


Please note that the new password must contain at least 6 characters or more.

Change personal data

Please change or enter the affected data in the form (#-1) and confirm your information by clicking on the link "Change your data" (#-2). 

Change time zone

Please select the desired new time zone in the "Time zone" selection box (#-1) and confirm your selection by clicking "Change time zone" (#-2).



The time zone of your 2ask account will be used, for example, for sending invitation emails, the survey period and the date display in the results.

For the new time zone to become active, you will be logged into the system again after confirming the new time zone.

Change language

Please select the desired new language in the "Language" selection box (#-1) and confirm your selection by clicking on "Change language" (#-2).


For the new language to become active, you will be logged into the system again after confirming the new language.

Change newsletter subscription

Please change the state of the checkbox "I want to receive by e-mail newsletter information, news & promotions." (#-1) and confirm your selection by clicking on "Change newsletter subscription" (#-2).

Change settings for e-mail messages

You have the possibility to send e-mail messages to the participants of your surveys. At this point you can change the following settings of these emails:

  • Default sender address #-1
  • Default sender name #-2
  • Default reply address #-3

Then confirm your entry by clicking on "Change settings for e-mail messages". (#-4).


If the "Default sender address" field is left blank, the address "" is assigned as the sender address.

Close user account

At this point you have the option to close your user account.

Before doing so, please confirm the deletion of all survey, response, contact, library and user account data (#-1).

After that, please enter your password (#-2) and finish the logout process by clicking "Close User Account" (#-3).

Following this, you will receive a confirmation of the closure of your user account by email.

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