The following cookies can be set by 2ask for participants in surveys.


Path "/" - Persistent (1 year) - This cookie contains technically necessary data that is relevant over longer periods of time, such as a unique user ID (e.g. needed to prevent multiple participation in surveys), user preferences (e.g. preferred language).


Path "/c/[collector_id]" or self-configured path - Persistent (6 Months) - This cookie contains technically necessary data that enable the completion of a multi-page questionnaire. One cookie is stored per questionnaire to enable participation in several questionnaires at the same time.


Path "/c/[collector_id]" or self-configured path - Session - This cookie contains technically necessary data. The cookie is only set if URL parameters are passed to the survey. The session cookie receives the Base64 Crockford encoded URL parameter key as a suffix. The content of the session cookie is the Base64-Crockford encoded URL parameter value. As soon as the 1st page is sent, the cookies are deleted again. The transferred values are then stored in the user session.

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