Quick entry of answers and answer options

Via the quick input you have the possibility to

  • Answer options for Multiple Choice questions
  • Row / column texts for matrix or group matrix questions

for your survey quickly and efficiently.

Open the quick input

Using the Options #-1 menu, you can open the quick input.

Enter texts in the quick input

Each captured line is converted into a response by fast capture.
Therefore, you should make sure that there is no line break within a response in fast entry.

Via the language selection #-1 you can choose for which language you want to enter the texts.
You can also enter the texts in other languages in parallel by changing the language #-1.
Thus, by changing language #-1, one can quickly capture responses for multilingual questionnaires.

You can compare the texts with another language via the comparison language #-2.
The line selected by the cursor in the upper area is highlighted in yellow in the lower area in the selected comparison language.
This allows you to compare the captured texts with another language.

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