Conduct anonymous surveys

2ask offers a variety of options to enable anonymization of the results of participants in a survey.

Anonymize participants when sending e-mail

Participants can be anonymized when sending e-mails, so that no assignment to their results is possible.
There are different methods for this (see screenshot).

A detailed description of the different procedures can be found here.


For all restrictions described below, we can block the ability to modify and delete them upon request after the restrictions have been created. Please feel free to contact us for this purpose. This way you can e.g. guarantee the anonymization of the results towards the participants of your survey or the works council.

Restrict evaluability of results - General

You can generally restrict from when the results can be evaluated.

In the survey options in the "Results" section, you have the following options for this:

#-1 Only after the survey period has expired or set the status to "Finished"

#-2 Number of completed questionnaires is at least ... - You can specify here how many responses must be received at least, so that the survey can be evaluated.


The options described below can be used if you want to evaluate your results only when a minimum number of responses per value (e.g. per department, team, division, customer group,..) is available.

Limit the evaluability of the results - On answer options of questions

Constraints can be defined depending on the number of results per answer option of a multiplechoice question.

To do this, simply click on the multiplechoice question and scroll to the "Results" section in the settings on the left. You can then specify the minimum number of answers for the respective answer option from which the results should be evaluable.

Example: at least 3 results per answer option

Team A: 4 results available

Team B: 2 results available

Team C: 3 results available

For team A and C the results are displayed and can be evaluated. Team B is still missing a participation so that the results can be evaluated.

Limit the evaluability of the results - User-defined data

Under Survey Options, you can set restrictions for "Custom Data"
This allows you, for example, to define restrictions for data you submit for your contacts (e.g. department, team or customer group)

#-1 First click on "+ Add Data"

#-2 Then select a data type. You can choose between URL parameters, custom contact data and distribution parameters. In the example above, we have selected "Own contact data"

#-3 In the dropdown menu, you will now be presented with your own entered or imported contact fields (in the above example, "Department") in the "Contacts" section. Now select the desired contact field.

#-4 Afterwards, the input area shown appears. Responses may only be evaluated when the specified minimum number of responses has been reached for the respective value.



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