Questionnaire editor

Following the setting of your survey name, you will be redirected to the questionnaire editor.

The most important settings at a glance

If you now start a new survey project, the following screen will appear.

#-1 Don't forget to "save" the collected data after each change to your questionnaire and at the latest before closing the survey tool.

#-2 In this menu item you can switch between the two levels of your questionnaire, by default you will see the "Questionnaire Editor". On the "History" level you can define complex logics and procedures of your survey.

#-3 Under "Preview" you can preview the presentation of the question elements and perform a pretest yourself. The pretest results are also recorded in the "Results" section.

#-4 "Survey Options" - Here specific settings such as survey start and end, access to the survey, the layout of your survey, as well as defined texts can be customized or deviating imprint data can be stored. Furthermore, custom data can be stored here.

#-5 If you want to change your survey language, or conduct a multilingual survey, then you can make the appropriate changes here.

#-6 Once your survey is ready to be made available to participants, you can "Publish" it. Subsequent changes after publishing can be made to the questionnaire. However, please avoid making structural changes such as adding or removing a question element, etc., as this can cause significant difficulties in analyzing your results. Editorial changes, such as spelling error corrections, are possible.

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