Structure of the import CSV file

Import new contact list

The import CSV file must meet the following requirements:

  • The first line must contain the field names of the columns
  • Semicolon, comma or tabulator can be used as separator for the individual columns
  • The maximum file size is 100 MB
  • To be able to quote within a column, a new double quote must be added right after each double quote (see section "Example CSV file")

The following columns and values can be specified and assigned during import:

  • email
    Contains the email address of the participant
  • gender
    Contains the gender of the participant. Possible values are "m", "f", "n".
  • first_name
    Contains the first name of the participant
  • last_name
    Contains the last name of the participant
  • language
    Contains the language of the participant. Possible values are language abbreviation codes according to ISO-639 Norm
  • external_key
    Contains an identification feature (ID) of the subscriber assigned by you.

For the field "email" there must be a value in each line. All other fields (first_name, last_name, ...) are optional.

In addition to these columns, you can add new columns as you wish. Except for the fact that they may be assigned only once, the names of these columns are not subject to any convention and can be freely assigned by you (see in the section "Example CSV file" the columns custom_data1 and custom_data2).

email;gender;first_name;last_name;language;external_key;custom_data1;custom_data2;m;John;Doe;en;123abc;"example custom data 1";"example custom data 2";f;Jane;Doe;en;456abc;"example custom data 1";"example custom data 2";n;;;;;"example for quoting "" or ; in custom data";f;Erika;Musterfrau;de;;;;m;Max;Mustermann;de;;;;f;Giorgia;Ignoto;it;;;;m;Jean;Dupont;fr;;;

Update existing contacts

For updating an existing contact list, the same rules apply as for the new import with the following exceptions:

  • For the field "contact_id" there must be a value in each line. All other fields (email, first_name, last_name, ...) are optional.

If the file contains new fields, they will be added to the respective contact.


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